Monday, 14 May 2012

i'm getting engaged

ok... first of all... i create this blog just to update myself on my progression of my engagement and weeding day soon... i'm a seafarer's fiance to be and all the preparation for both side I've to prepare by myself.... phiwwww.... the engagement date had been set on 21st of August 2012 which is fall on the third days of Raya... maybe it's to early to make the preparation but for me i have to start it now because i have to think on all the preparations by myself starting from the engagement attire, pelamin and all the hantaran for both side and it's not including other things that i did not mention here... moreover i'm still a student and my boyfriend is not here to accompany me to do all the preparations because he has his own responsibilities as a seafarer.... okla, i will update later... 

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